It is very straight forward. If you follow a process that is proven to succeed, you shouldn’t be surprised when you succeed again and again. That is what we have learned. From the beginning to the end, the steps that we take are simple and effective in achieving the ultimate results. Whether it is a basic website or the most custom of custom web or mobile device applications, we follow the same order to deliver a stellar finished product.

Our clients keep coming back to us project after project because of a comfortable familiarity with how our project management is handled. When something is delivered and it does everything that it was planned to do, then why would they go anywhere else. We are grateful for our success but our process wouldn’t be what it is today without the great clients that we have been able to work with. Thanks to them, we have learned what we have learned and become the strong company that we are today.

"With J&J, we have found a partner who is as vested in the success of our business as we are. Their expertise, skill and knowledge have given us a web site our customers love along with the back-end tools we need to manage customer relationships, track sales, and integrate with our marketing partners successfully. They’ve exceeded all of our expectations!" - Fred Vander Werff, Director of Coaching,

PT and FT Options

One day we realized that not everyone needs to just do ONE project. Sometime is many projects. And that list of projects continues to grow! For these special clients, J&J began offering full-time and part time developer and project management options. When you get right down to it, this is very simple. We talk with you about your needs, we set a goal and we start to build your very own development team! This team will them be yours to develop to the moon and back. This has been a hit and has grown by leaps and bounds! Here are some of the highlights:

  • The team is yours and the budget is set. No fear of scope creep.
  • We are as motivated as you are. As you grow, we grow too.
  • Want to change direction mid-flight? No questions asked.
  • Finally a team to bounce ideas off of.
  • This is the definition to a true partnership.